• Earn Well, Learn Well, Live Well


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RDI RDI is the place to develop, expand, and strengthen your skills in sales and communication. We will teach you valuable skills that one must have to reach those dreams and we will motivate you to reach your full potential.

Whether you’re looking for part-time work while in high school or college or full-time work after graduation, we can be your first stop on the journey towards success. If you’re looking for a new starting place while changing careers, the opportunities at RDI are endless.

Join our team of customer service professionals, business to consumer sales reps, business to business reps, or administration specialists.

We welcome you to explore WORKRDI to find out more about the opportunities within!


RDI is a world class contact center and IT firm providing contact center support, data analytics, and managed IT & helpdesk services to a broad mix of companies. RDI is a relationship driven organization that is focused on delivering quality in a cost effective manner. Since 1978, RDI has grown based on results and continues to cultivate that reputation of success.

RDI recognizes that each client has unique challenges. We embrace those nuances and collaborate with clients to establish a relationship based on mutual respect and trust. RDI works closely with every client in order to improve their customer's experience. We monitor and evaluate our work with vigilance. We are resourceful problem solvers as we partner with our clients to achieve their goals.

Excellence in Execution since 1978
  • Privately Held 44 years after inception
  • Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Over 5,000 employees and expanding
  • 12 contact centers in North America
Attire Casual.
Life at RDI Invigorating Atmosphere.

At RDI, you'll witness teams driving towards a common goal and recognizing the contributions of the individual. You’ll see true customer service in action. We have a nationwide presence and worldwide capabilities, yet we’re still very entrepreneurial; It’s one of the ways we maintain our edge.

Valued: People stay where they are appreciated.

In an industry where turnover rates are high, it’s hard enough to hold on to employees, let alone integrate them into a family. We have worked hard making RDI the company it is today. We reward for good work and employees get the personal attention they expect from the PEOPLE.

Most of our employees have been with us for years, and many times representing more than one generation. At all management and staff levels, we can proudly point to multiple employees having 5, 10, 15, 20 years of service with no turnover in the past several years. One key reason is our sincere effort to respond to the needs of employees, offering opportunities, more benefits, and being one of the best privately owned, family owned companies in America.

Life at RDI Tool Box: Equipping you with the resources to do your job.

From professional facilities, to state-of-the-art knowledge centers that promote learning, to best-in-class technology, we create an environment in which people thrive. In order to represent our clients, we immerse ourselves in their business, whatever you require to help you work at your optimum level, you’ll have right in front of you. Right next to you will be colleagues of your caliber, the best in the business, with whom you’ll be sharing knowledge, exchanging ideas, and benefiting from each other’s experience. Side by side, you will forge your future and RDI's.

Life at RDI Our Work/Life Balance Solution: LIFE

It's simple philosophy: When employees are happy, they’re more productive. A big part of what makes them happy is the ability to balance the demands of a career, family, and the need for leisure time.

LIFE represents the culture at RDI which offers the supportive environment necessary for everyone to be at their best in all areas of life. LIFE constantly monitors the work/life needs of our employees. Based on employee feedback, the LIFE community offerings are changed, adjusted or new ones added to keep our people motivated, productive and happy with their life at RDI.

Balance work, family, and life - Have it all at RDI!

Earn Well. Learn Well. Live Well.

Knowing that every step we take to make our people better pays off millions of times day, we’ve built a company based on growing the value of our people, from the corporate office to the customer interaction center.

RDI hires and develops the most professional, experienced people in our industry. To better serve our clients, we provide our Agents and other employees with technical training and skills certification in the key industries we serve.

This means that our people have the capability to quickly and professionally solve the challenges faced by our clients and their customers. In our industry, people really do make the difference.

You ask - what's it like to work for RDI?

We want you to hear it straight from the source: our own employees.

Earn Well. Learn Well. Live Well.

Our benefits package is very competitive and comprehensive, providing you and your family with extensive protection and security, along with quality, life-enhancing programs. We offer medical, dental, prescription drug as well as other benefit programs. Our 401k program allows you to plan for your future. RDI also provides accrual-based time off programs. Our work/life programs can assist you with the other aspects of your family life.

Below, you will find that RDIs benefit programs compete with the best in our area and our industry.

Financial Benefits

  • Competitive pay
  • Nine paid holidays
  • Attendance bonuses
  • Incentives
  • Health, dental, and vision insurance
  • Disability and supplemental accident insurance
  • Banking options
  • 401K plan
  • Vacations, sick and personal time

  • Workplace Benefits

  • "Open Door" policies, suggestion boxes, management that cares
  • Career path opportunities
  • Contests & performance bonuses, including our ongoing ideas-of-the-month contest
  • Clean, creative, healthy environment
  • Spacious facilities and cafeterias, game rooms and quiet areas
  • Team spirit days, picnics, holiday celebrations and more
  • Breakfast sponsored by the CEO and President during team member's employment anniversary month

  • Lifestyle Benefits

  • Flexible hours featuring day, night and 3rd shifts, including shift differential pay
  • Work/Life balance initiatives
  • interview
    Great Employees = Great Results.

    Finding and selecting individuals with the potential to do the job is a matter of looking for a confident attitude, a cordial tone of voice, a sense of humor, and a warm personality. Certain jobs require sensitivity to the mood of the caller and the ability to respond to the most demanding situation with a calm and competent demeanor, while other jobs entail proper explanation of services and attentive listening. These characteristics are indicators of how enthusiastically the prospective RDI employee will practice and enjoy their profession.

    Beyond these traits lie a range of essential skills including problem solving, sales, computer, speech, smooth reading, spelling, manual dexterity, data entry, and the ability to quickly acquire and apply product and service knowledge.